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111 Key Principles for Success

Principle 76 - Reverse Engineer

Reverse Engineering is a concept to copy success.

Whenever someone, a company, design, persuasion, ad, etc. figure out the why?

The term comes from getting an electronic product and figuring out how it's made.

It's basically copying success.

Improve your speaking voice

If you want to learn to speak better, find a podcast or YouTube video and then copy it word for word.

Record yourself and then analyze your version vs. the original. Repeat this process over and over until.

Write a better song

Take a song you like and analyze it for what makes it great. Change a few things and repeat.

Write Comedy

Find a comedian that you like and copy them. Video yourself telling the same story or joke over and over.

Write better

Find an author you like and reverse engineer what they do.

In summary, Find something you like, copy and practice over and over.

Seth Godin's writing style

Scott Adam's speaking style

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