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114 Key Principles for Success

Principle 114 - 10-20-30 Rule for Presenting

The 10-20-30 Rule was first introduced to me by Guy Kawasaki from his book The Art of the Start.

The rule was for presenting to venture capitalists but I think it's a great general presentation rule that states to:

  • Use 10 Slides
  • Keep presentation to 20 minutes, which means a slide every 2 minutes
  • Use 30-point font.

The 10 slides he recommends are:
  1. Problem
  2. Your solution
  3. Business model
  4. Underlying magic/technology
  5. Marketing and sales
  6. Competition
  7. Team
  8. Projections and milestones
  9. Status and timeline
  10. Summary and call to action

You can see more details on Guy Kawasaki 10-20-30 rule.

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