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114 Key Principles for Success

Principle 17 - Add One Remove Two

If you have too many books, ideas, projects, goals, or tasks, I have a simple rule to stop being overwhelmed.

If you add one new item you must remove two. By doing this consistently you will get rid of the clutter in your life.

Funny enough that President Trump proposed the same idea with government regulations. For each new regulation two had to be canceled.

This simple rule is hard to implement. The first step is awareness. You must be aware that you have too many things that you want to reduce. You must also to follow the rule. It may take time to make it into a habit, but it will be well worth it.

Of course, variations are allowed. Add one, remove three... It's based on the current size and how quickly you want to trim your list.

You only need to do this until your list or items are manageable.

The first step is to make an inventory of what you have too much of. Then keep focused on whenever a new item, task, etc. enters your life and be prepared to remove two.

I've implemented some code in a spreadsheet. Whenever I add a new sheet to a spreadsheet the system reminds me to remove two sheets.

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