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111 Key Principles for Success

Principle 28 - Automate

I've worked for many companies over my career, and the value I bring is the ability to automate. Automation is communicating with computers on a deep level. Instructing it to follow a series of rules to get the results you want.

Boring Tasks

Repetitive tasks are good for automation. No one wants to do them. If you can get computers to do them,  workers should be happier, unless you eliminate the need for them.

Manual Tasks

Manual tasks can be automated by reducing the number of steps. If a process takes 10 steps and you can reduce it to 8 steps, you've automated it.

Excel VBA

My tool of choice for automation is Excel to automate. Hidden in Excel is a programming language called VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).  The other tool I use is SQL (Structured Query Language). These two tools have given me a big advantage on the road to success. I'm writing a number of books on Excel and SQL.

This book was created with help from automation. I've used the following technologies:
Automation is a skill that can give you access to a large supply of well-paying jobs. But it can also make anything you do easier and more enjoyable.

Some useful tools to up your automation are:

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