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114 Key Principles for Success

Principle 27 - Decisions are Easy

If there are two choices to make and one is much better than the other then pick the much better one.

If there are two choices and itís very hard to make a decision then just flip a coin. The reason itís hard is that the risk and rewards of both are about the same, so you cannot know which choice is better until you make it. So the coin flip will help you.

You can also use your intuition or your gut feeling. This comes from your subconscious and is very powerful in noticing what's good and what's bad even though you might not be able to verbalize it.

Big decisions should obviously take more time than little ones:

Should I buy that house vs. what should I have for lunch?

Be aware that once you make the decision you might get buyer's remorse.

Committing to a deadline can help you make an important decision with getting analysis paralysis.

There are studies that show that our subconscious will make a decision for us and then our conscious mind will make up reasons why we picked the choice that we did.

Make your decisions in line with your goals. If you don't have clear goals then go create them. Ask "Does this decision support my goals?"

Be okay with making mistakes. That's how you learn.

If you need help with a decision you can contact me at @AlecBerg and I'll try to give you some help.

The biggest decision I've made was whether or not to get surgery or be under observation.

Many years ago I was leaving work and bent over under my desk to turn off the power strip. I was wearing tight pants and I felt something pop. It wasn't pretty to have a squashed testicle.

A girlfriend convinced me to see a doctor and the prognosis wasn't what I expected. After a blood test the marker that identifies cancer where high. The doctor sent me for CT Scan. I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer at 30 years old.

I went in for surgery where they would stage cancer. Fortunately, it was caught early enough that it hadn't spread.

So I saw a specialist and got a number of second opinions and all the doctors said that I needed a Retro-peritoneal Lymph node dissection. They open you up and test your lymph nodes for cancer and remove them if there's a problem.

After reading up on the surgery this was serious stuff that could leave you impotent.

But the doctor said ether get the surgery or I could go under observation. That meant no surgery but the doctor warned me that I had a 25% of having cancer through the observation protocol.

I did my math and it turned out that I had a 75% chance of not having cancer.

I contacted a guy who had the surgery. He told me he had a grapefruit-size tumor in his chest and had the surgery. After talking with him I realized I had a 75% chance of not having cancer and I could still get the surgery if needed.

The decision was pretty easy no surgery just monitoring.

Almost 30 years later I'm still cancer-free.

Best decision I ever made.

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