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111 Key Principles for Success

Principle 58 - Tired

Are you tired? You may just be bored. Can you have excitement in your life and be tired? Excitement is what you crave but it takes work. You may need to feel uncomfortable to gain more excitement.

Is your life routine? What new things have you tried? What habit loops are you stuck in? As I was proofreading this chapter the song "Stuck in a Loop Again" by DEVO played. Weird coincidence.

A habit loop is a time-consuming process that doesn't get you out of your comfort zone, wastes time, and is easy to do.

If you're not accomplishing what you want, your subconscious may be keeping you in a habit loop.

Habits are things we do without thinking. The benefit is that they use very little energy. The issue with them is that they keep you where you are instead of getting you to where you want to go.

The other obvious thing to check is if you're getting enough sleep.

Are you drinking too much? Do you snore? Are you worrying? Are you not eating properly? Are you taking medication like statins or anti-histamines that can cause drowsiness? Are you drinking coffee, tea, soda, eating chocolate at night?

If you're tired see this as a signal that your life is too boring and try to get some excitement into it.

Eliminate any possible causes and see a doctor to make sure it's not health-related.

Keep a diary for a week to check how tired you are and speculate what's causing it. You can use to help update your diary.

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