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114 Key Principles for Success

Principle 39 - Headphones

Headphones are a great tool to improve your productivity and happiness. This idea might not work for everyone and there are some risks, but they have contributed to mine.

Make sure whatever headphones you get are noise-canceling and don't leak sound that will annoy others. Don't wear them while walking or driving as they can get you killed.

I work in a very noisy office. There are times that without my headphones it would be much harder to get work done. Especially times when under stress as this magnifies others that are talking to loud.

Headphones also tell others not to bother you as you'll have to take them off. I know that I hesitate to talk to someone if they're wearing headphones.

Make sure they're visible to others if you don't want to be bothered.

I'd suggest listening to music you're already familiar with. I would have trouble listening to the news, podcasts, or books on tape while I was working.

They help with focus and keep distractions to a minimum plus the music can improve your mood.

On the downside, they might anger your boss, make others think you're goofing off by listening to music.

I wouldn't do this if I just started a job or just got a new boss. In both cases you want to set a positive confirmation bias. Also the rule "when in Rome do as the Roman's do" applies.

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