102 Key Principles for Success

Principle 31 - Clear Picture of What you Want

To achieve success the clearer the picture of what success looks like the more likely you will reach it.

Ask "What are my goals?" and limit this to 10 goals. Make sure they're balanced between health, family, friends, fun, work and money.

Once your goals are clear then most decisions are easy. When deciding between two choices just ask yourself which brings you closer to your goals.

You should write these down, post them on your wall.

Even better than just seeing it make believe you already have achieved this goal. What does it feel like? What is it? How can you bring more details to it by incorporating sights, sounds, smells, feelings to it.

Once you have your clear goal ask what steps you took to get there. Write down this story of how you did it. What obstacles did you face. What was the key thing you finally did to achieve the success you wanted.

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