102 Key Principles for Success

Principle 58 - Keep Your Desk Clean

One way to go down the spiral of darkness is to be messy. Your desk is a a representation of your life. If you can keep your desk clean then the rest of your house and life will also likely be neat. Don't underestimate this little habit. Remember that small changes = BIG RESULTS.

Mess and clutter is a constant reminder on how your life is out of control. Too many things coming in and not enough going out.

I have a friend who had a few bad habits in terms of keeping clean. These few habits nearly contributed to his death.

If each day you leave one thing out, on the floor this builds up over time. Some of the consequences are bugS, roaches, mice, mold, depression, loneliness.

Just some daily and weekly attention to cleanliness can go a long way. Daily you should be putting things away, putting trash away. To put things away everything needs a place.

On a weekly basis, a more thorough cleaning is needed, vacuuming, dusting, bathrooms, etc. If you don't like these tasks and can afford it, get a cleaning person to help.

The biggest excuse I hear is "I'm lazy", "I don't have time."

So the main components is being convinced that this is a problem, then doing something about it.

Once you're convince it's a matter of making it a habit. The main habits are:
  • Leave your space cleaner then the way you found it
  • Throw out 2 things before bringing in one new thing
  • Clean up after eating
  • Put dishes in dishwasher not in sink
  • Sweep up small messes
If you can keep your desk, room, apartment or house clean how can you tackle and bigger problems in your life?

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