102 Key Principles for Success

Principle 28 - DOPE Tasks

I use the acronym DOPE for tasks that don't contribute to your productivity, health or well-being. You're a DOPE if you do unproductive tasks as life is very short. Why would you waste your most valuable resource, your time? Instead you should:
  • Delegate
  • Outsource
  • Procrastinate
  • Eliminate
Any tasks that you can Delegate to someone is one less thing for you to do. But be aware that delegating to the wrong person can cause negative productivity. This is the effort to manage and correct the problems that a person causes is greater than if the person didn't help you. So make sure you delegate to the right person not just to any person.

This day and age Outsourcing is very simple. From websites like to it's very easy to outsource. You can search Google for websites to outsourcing work.

If a task doesn't contribute to your productivity then just Procrastinate on it.

Or just Eliminate these low productivity tasks.

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