102 Key Principles for Success

Principle 75 - Read Non-fiction Books

Early in my programming career, I would run into issues that would be hard to solve.  

In these days if your program failed you'd get an "abend code." It was difficult to determine the cause but you get something called a Hex Dump that could help you debug the problem.

I found a book that for $40.00 explained many of the the codes and causes of them. I was amazed at the amount of time and frustration this saved me.

Many hours of time were saved by this small investment.

To this day I'm in the habit of reading non-fiction books as there are many people who have identified better techniques than I have. You can see some of the books I own. I getting the experiences, techniques, opinions and best practices of some very smart people.

If you're spending your time watching TV, surfing the internet, playing games, consider if your time could be better spent learning some new techniques to improve yourself.

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