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111 Key Principles for Success

Principle 18 - Reach Goals with the MEAT method

MEAT is an acronym I came up with while creating the Excel Diet. It stands for:
  • Measure
  • Enter to Excel
  • Adjust
  • Talk or tweet
This method can be used for all types of goals. I used it for weight loss.


Every day you must measure your daily progress towards a goal. I use a scale to weigh myself. As you can't manage what you don't measure. I like to think of a gas gauge or a speedometer. You will run out of gas or speed without these measuring devices. It will be easier to gain weight if you don't weigh yourself.

Now weighing yourself is only part of the method. The other parts are just as important.

Enter to Excel

You have to enter your data every day to know where you stand. The goal of the Excel Diet is to lose one pound a week or .14 lbs per day.  You want to see a chart of your progress on a daily basis. This will show how you're doing vs. your goal. Knowing this information allows you to do the next step ...


You must adjust.  

If you're behind your goal then you have to exercise more and eat less. If you're ahead of your daily goal, you can eat more and exercise less.

This adjustment is really what makes the diet work. If you have an urge for that piece of junk food you ask yourself "Can I have this?" If you're ahead of your goal you can. If behind your goal, you can't

Talk or Tweet

Talk as much as possible about your daily goal. Though this can make you less popular. I like to post a daily weight chart, weight and comment to Twitter.

Other usages

So you can use these 4 concepts to achieve any goal.

For example, if you want to write a 250-page book, you need to write one page a day for 250 days. Or 10 pages per day for 25 days.  

You can adjust if you're behind or ahead of the goal.

Make it public by posting it to Twitter.

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