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111 Key Principles for Success


This is the second edition of Key Principles for Success. The first edition outlined 33 Key Principles and in this version, I outline 111 Key Principles for Success.

I'm not a big fan of introductions so I'll keep this brief so you can start learning these principles.

The principles in this book come from many experiences I've had. I fought cancer, firings, and divorce. I succeeded in the workplace, at marriage, juggling. I've earned millions of dollars over my career, and created winning trading strategies, got on the radio, and other successes and failures that are outlined in this book.

If you haven't been successful in your life, then don't worry because success maybe 1 degree away. Water boils at 212 Fahrenheit but at 211 nothing happens. What if you're at 211 and stop now?

Success isn't easy. Anyone who tells you that success is easy is lying. Success takes hard work, great habits, many failures, and some luck.

In these pages, I discuss ways you can achieve success. There are 111 Key Principles for Success listed here. The main chapters are:
  1. Key Principles for Work
  2. Key Principles for Productivity
  3. Key Principles for Happiness
  4. Key Principles for Communicating
  5. Key Principles for Learning
  6. Key Principles for Business
  7. Key Principles for Money
  8. Key Principles for Persuasion
  9. Key Principles for Health and Longevity
  10. Key Principles for Society

Please note that I'm not a doctor, lawyer, financial adviser, or Indian chief. These principles worked for me and I hope they will work for you.

The most important thing in life is to take action. Don't just read these. Live them. Pick an area in your life to improve and go for it.

May your journey be fun, and filled with love money and success.

Al Berg

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