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111 Key Principles for Success

Principle 23 - Do What You Procrastinated Day

On the next Random Day you will have a "Do What You Procrastinated Day."

On this randomly selected day, look at tasks you procrastinate and get them done or at least start them.

Put this on your calendar. If you have Microsoft Outlook then add it there.

You first need to make two lists of what you procrastinate at home and at work. If a weekday is selected you can do a work task and if a weekend is selected you can do a home task.

Once you have these lists, on the scheduled day, randomly select an item from the list.

Now set a 5 minute timer and work on the task.

If the task is too big, try to break it into a bunch of smaller tasks. If you can delegate the task then do that.

If you need help then see if you can get help from a coworker.

You can make this into a weekly task or do it at a certain time each day.

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