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114 Key Principles for Success

Principle 21 - Egg Timer

The Egg timer is a Key Principle for Success.

The main ways to use it are:
  • To get started on a hard to do task
  • To timebox a task so you don't spend too much time on it
  • To remind yourself

Some examples:
  • Set a 5-minute timer to get started on a procrastinated task
  • 4 minutes to make coffee
  • 30/30 spend 30 minutes on Finish-Then-Add-Details.html>,FTAD tasks and 30 minutes on whatever you want
  • Whistling tea kettle is an egg timer
  • 50/10 spend 50 minutes sitting and 10 minutes standing each hour
  • 5 Minute tasks; spend 5 minutes on a task and then switch every 5 minutes for an hour

I use the one at but you can find many at a search engine of your choice.

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