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114 Key Principles for Success

Principle 43 - Say "No"

This principle is from James Altucher.

Say no to anything that's not high-value.

High value must fit into as many goals and likes you have.

When presented with a task, project, idea, event to attend ask yourself the questions:
  • What is the value of this?
  • Is it high, medium, or low?
  • Does it move you closer to your goals?
  • What would you pay someone to do this?
  • How much money would you do this for someone else?
  • What will you learn from this that will help with your goals?

    You could think, how much would you bet to do or not do something. For example how much money would it take for you to never eat pizza again?

    Look at your stuff and start assigning values to them to help you decide whether to say no.

    You can use Goal Points to help you decide where the value is.

    Find ways to assign values to the things you do to help with this principle. It could be dollars, fun rating, annoyance elimination.

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