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111 Key Principles for Success

Principle 39 - scBR - small change BIG RESULT

You've probably heard of the Butterfly Effect. This is where a butterfly flaps its wings in US and it cause a storm in China.

Roulette is a similar process. The ball is dropped on the spinning wheel and it hits a number of pegs finally landing on a number.

If you can't do the small things, how can you do the large things?

Large things are really just a number of small tasks combined.

So to be more successful, start be doing small easy things.

If you want to lose weight, say 20 pounds, that's big. But what small thing could you change. What if you stopped drinking milk with your coffee? What if you started to walk at lunch? What small changes can give you BIG RESULTS? What if you try to lose one pound a week which is also 500 less calories per day.

Find small tasks that you've been avoiding and start getting them done.

You don't have to find the perfect thing, anything will do.

My favorite saying is "If you do what you've done you get what you've got."

Change is hard because habits are so easy.

Starting right now you will tackle any small task. If you see it and it bothers you get it done.

You could allocate time to doing these small tasks. Whether 1 hour or 10 minutes each hour the choice is yours. You should be on a mission to get small things done. Let me know how you start to feel.

You can also use this technique to reduce stress and feeling overwhelmed.

Look for ways to save seconds. If you repeat something a thousand times and save a few seconds the small amount adds up.

Pick a goal of yours for this year. If you don't have any come up with at least one to ten of them. Do a small task that moves you towards this goals. Do this every day.

Keep a diary of these small things. See how many you can do each day.

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