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111 Key Principles for Success

Principle 34 - Find a Workaround

I have to attribute a large portion of my success to this principle.

There have been so many times where something didn't work and I had to find a workaround.

When something doesn't work, it doesn't mean you give up. It means you look for an alternative way to accomplish the same task.

As an example, while writing one of the chapters in this book I found a bug. If the title of the chapter had an apostrophe in it the system didn't work properly.

You're probably thinking, "How did he figure this out?" It from pattern matching. I saw a bug and looked at the text and thought about what was different. The difference was the usage of the apostrophe. This is also a pretty standard bug that software can have and can actually cause security holes in a website via something called a SQL Injection Attack.

So if something doesn't work try the following steps:
  1. Look for what's different than usual?
  2. Try changing it
  3. Try doing the same thing a different way

If a website like Google wasn't available you could use Bing. Always look for a workaround when there is an obstacle in your way.

With obstacles, you must knock them down, go around, go over, go through or go under. But keep trying as there is usually more than one way to skin a cat.

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