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111 Key Principles for Success

Principle 57 - Dealing with Rude People

Rudeness comes in all types of people.

People talking too loud on the train. People blocking your way on an escalator. Someone talking too loud on their cell phone. Someone didn't make the coffee at work or their computer or cell phone is constantly beeping.

The problem with rudeness is that it affects you and not the other person. But the biggest issue might be that it triggers displaced anger from you. This can cause a quick escalation over what's probably something insignificant.

There are many issues like these we face each day. How to best deal with them.

One way to think of these issues is to think about how lucky you are that you have a job. You take trains, elevators and can complain about the coffee at work.

Just 2 days ago, as I write this, 59 people were killed and more than 500 were injured due to some deranged person in Las Vegas. Having to make coffee or wait isn't that bad by comparison.

So whenever you get angry from rudeness, you can do a few things and I'll just point them out.

First, you could get angry and complain about it. But this will just make you into a complainer and nobody likes a complainer.

Second, you could take action. Say excuse me. Tell the person they're annoying you. Put up signs to shame people. But this has its drawbacks as you might say the wrong thing to the person who will escalate the dance of anger with you.

Third and what I feel is your best option is to hang positive habits on to these incidents. Some of them could be:
  • Think about how lucky you are that these minor inconveniences are what bothers you
  • Think about or do something positive that makes you happy
  • Use this time to do something that brings you closer to the success you want
  • Do something you enjoy on your smartphone
  • Think happy and relaxing thoughts

Go prepare a list of things you could do, habits you want to be triggered, or thoughts to think about next time you run into that rude person who will now bring your energy up instead of down.

For any issues that have to do with noise, just get a good pair of noise-canceling headphones and some music you like, and your noise problems are solved.

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