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111 Key Principles for Success

Principle 101 - Lower Your Blood Sugar

This isn't medical advice, except for you to see a doctor. Blood sugar is what keeps us alive. No sugar in the blood and no life.

But too much sugar in the blood and also no life.

So you want to keep your blood sugar as "normal" as possible.

The main culprit to high blood sugar appears to be carbohydrates.

There are two ways to know if you have high blood sugar. One way is to visit a doctor and get it tested. The second way to buy a glucose meter. Go buy yourself a blood glucose meter like this one. I use a CVS brand one. Costs about $20.00 for the meter and you need to continually buy test strips and lancets.

Taking blood from your finger isn't that hard, but worth it to see what foods raise and don't raise your blood sugar.

The normal range is between 70 - 99, prediabetes is 100 - 120, and greater than 120 is diabetic.  Now your blood sugar will vary throughout the day based on your activity, what you just ate, and how your body works.

How to lower your blood sugar?

Eat fewer carbohydrates, especially the ones that raise blood sugar like bread, bagels, soda, candy, crackers, cookies, cake, sweets, rice, pasta, pizza, etc.

Drink more water, eat less, exercise more. Try intermittent fasting or other fasting type diets.

What meds to take to lower blood sugar?

If you're diabetic your doctor will prescribe some sort of insulin to take.

If you're not fully diabetic, they'll prescribe metformin.

There are a number of drugs on the market to lower blood sugar, but the best drug is exercise and keeping your weight down.

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