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114 Key Principles for Success

Principle 28 - Learn Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular software programs ever created.

It wasn't the first spreadsheet but is the most successful one.

My knowledge of Excel has definitely contributed to my success.

Excel has helped me:
  • Lose weight and keep it off via the Excel Diet
  • Earn a six-figure salary
  • Make my job more fun and less boring
  • Make it easier to automate
  • Answer the questions "What should I do?" and "What did I do?"
  • Improve my problem solving skills
  • Write this book and get it on the Kindle
  • Organize information, ideas, plans
  • Get > 70,000 followers on Twitter
  • Save time by automating tasks
  • Create websites via Active Server Pages (ASP) programming
  • Maybe one of the most important aspects to my success
  • Helped me make decisions

Active Server Programming (ASP)

If you learn VBA learning ASP is pretty easy.

The website you're on was created using ASP.

I've developed a process in Microsoft Excel that assists me when editing ASP files.

The Excel spreadsheet supports the following features:
  • Saves a backup of what you're working on
  • Automatically uploads changed file to the server
  • Autosaves itself if it hasn't been saved in 20 minutes
  • Looks for syntax errors before uploading to server
  • Tracks the number of times per day the file was edited.

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