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111 Key Principles for Success

Principle 61 - Stop Living In Past (SLIP)

Today at work, there was another invite that left me out. This isn't the first time that this has happened. Part of the problem is I don't work with a big group, so I'm kind of stuck by myself.  

I got angry. Why didn't the two co-workers I know invite me.

Then I thought this event is in the past. It's only a problem if I harp on it. Should I focus on a past event that just a memory and doesn't exist anymore or focus on all the possibilities I have now?

I thought "Don't focus on the past."  But I love acronyms, and I came up with Stop Living In Past (SLIP) which is related to There Is Only Now (TION)..

Not only doesn't the past exist anymore, you can't change what happened. And what happened isn't necessarily the person's fault. If you had the same genetics and experience as a person who angered you would you do the same thing?

Life doesn't happen in the past, only anger resides there. But I also learned a valuable lesson, to not exclude people.

I can choose to focus on what I have. Not what I don't.

I could also look at it as Karma or a choice. If I want more work related invites I need to work with a bigger group than the three people I currently work with.

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