105 Key Principles for Success

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Chapter 1-Key Principles for Work
1.How to Make Your Boss Love You
2.Respect The Alpha Male
3.Making Customers Happy
4.The Most Important Success Skill at Work
5.Check your Data for Errors
7.Do the Opposite
8.The One Question Interview
9.Don't Quit
10.Work Harder than Others
11.Game the System
12. Don't Call it Work
13.Be one step ahead of your boss
14.New Boss = New Job ( #NB=NJ )

Chapter 2-Key Principles for Productivity
15.Finish Then Add Details
16.Add One Remove Two
17.Small Tasks
18.Reaching a goal with the MEAT method
20.Egg Timer
21.Turtle Tasks
22.Market then Build (MTB)
23.Do What You Procrastinated Day
24.Be Goal Focused
25.GoD - Goal or Dream
26.The Simple Method for Making Decisions
27.Learn Excel
29.DOPE Tasks
30.ALED - A Little Each Day
32.Clear Picture of What you Want
34.Find a Workaround
36. Interruptions
37.Shortcut Keys
39.scBR - small change BIG RESULT
41.No Longer Needed ( #NLN )

Chapter 3-Key Principles for Happiness
42.$3 billion or $100,000
43.Step Outside your Zone of Comfort
44.Lower Your Expectations
46.Be Happy or Not.
47.Random is Beautiful
48.Fud Wud Ug Wug
49.Time Balanced
50.Not Caring
52.It is How you View Things
53.Own a Dog
54.Take it Slow
55. Don't Watch the News
56.Dealing with Rude People
58.Keep Your Desk Clean
59.Focus on things you can control
60.Stop Living In Past ( #SLIP )

Chapter 4-Key Principles for Communicating
61.10-20-30 Rule of PowerPoint
62.Don't use "you" or "your"
63.Doug Hall's 3 Laws of Marketing Physics
64.Say Hello
65.Positive vs. Negative Speech
66.Write it down
67.How to give Demos that don't Fail
68.Go Viral

Chapter 5-Key Principles for Learning
69.Curse of Knowledge
70.I Can't
71.Figure it out/Curiosity
72.Successful Tips on Learning
73.Hang out with experts
74.Dinosaur Prevention
75.5WH - Who, What, Where, When, Why, How
76.Read Non-fiction Books

Chapter 6-Key Principles for Business
77.Spend Money to Make Money
78.Make $100 and Repeat
79.Meet in Person
80.Managing Risk
81.Have a Business Plan
82.Backup your Data
83.Keywords, Who Owns Them
84.Post-Mortem on a Process
85.Are Ideas Worthless?

Chapter 7-Key Principles for Money
86.Found Money
87.Trading is Gambling
88.Buy Low Sell High
89.Watch your Debt
90.Buy/Sell Decision
91.Maximize your 401K Contribution

Chapter 8-Key Principles for Persuasion
92.Confirmation Bias
93.In-group Out-group
94.Cialdini 7 Elements of Persuasion
95.Be Thankful
96.The Velvet Rope
97.Because and the Homeless Guy
98.Donít Call People "Old"

Chapter 9-Key Principles for Health and Longevity
99.Lower Your Blood Sugar
101.50 minutes and stand up

Chapter 10-Key Principles for Society
102.Capitalism vs. Socialism
103.Weapons of Mass Destruction
104.Separation if Church and State

Chapter 11-Back Matter

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